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October 12, 2013
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Halloween trio by AllyEdFrown Halloween trio by AllyEdFrown
I got this idea while reading this wonderful story The Boogeyman's Lullaby written by the wonderful MischiefJoKer. I was browsing the endless ROTG fics on AO3 and came across this obscure little story and I must confess, it got me hooked after the first chapter. This author has a very nice way of describing the mundane events of everyday life. When I read that story I'm relaxed and at ease and all of a sudden, something happens. The conflicts are nicely balanced, the main character is so emotionally scarred it's actually beautiful to see how he tries to get over his fears. And fear comes and takes a living under his bed. That's how life works, right?

About the artwork itself: there's actually a scene where Jack goes with Pitch to meet Jack'o Lantern, but I chose to change the setting a bit and try to make it look like a pre-halloween meeting. 'Cuz what goes better than cold, dark and pranks on Halloween nights, right? The quality of the photo blows, I know, but I was so excited and I felt the need to bribe the lovely author with art, cuz I NNED faster updates! :( Hope it works :D
Also, it is my first complete illustration, with several characters and complex background and I was excited for that too! XD
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Mark-Wylde Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
WOW really nicely done i wish more peeps add the other season's spirit's and i know that Jack O Lantern is the spirit of Halloween but there is also a little girl spirit of the Hallows Eve and i know she used to lived where their were still witches and when dies she kinda turned to a witch not too sure though 
AllyEdFrown Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
I'd like some more info on this little girl. Halloween is coming and I wanted to make a piece for this occasion. If you could give me some details, that'd be great! Also, thanks for the review! really love and appreciate feedback :hug: :)
Mark-Wylde Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
sorry but i think you have to search it up on google/books because hallows or hollows eve was long forgotten many many years ago but i think their's still some peeps that celebrate that season i'd like to help out i really do but i kinda haven't have a properly good sleep lets say a week soo yeah its not a nice experience oh but i do know its a season where you can party with spirits not to sure about ghost thou cuz they're 2 different beings and its somewhere in the middle October/November       
frogsfortea Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013

Hi dear,
I absolutely love this one!!
Ok the composition first. You did a wonderful job, (now my English will prove
lacking to really say what I mean, but I'll try!XD). It's really "whole", you managed
to really creat a scene without overlooking any part of it. Of course are eyes
are drawn to the 3 figures, but wherever I tunr my eyes I see beautiful deatails als in terms
of lightning and shading (the eerie shadows at Jacks' feet beautifully contribute
to the whole scene in a discreet and subtle way..!).

I won't comment too much on the sky, I said already I love how you paint it,
your watecolors are just ... ok not eloquent at all so I'l shut it, hope you know anyway!!XD
The shadows on the bark of the tree (and its shape too) are almost too perfect..i don't how you
manage to make it so SOLID looking with water-colors (you'll have to teach me one day!XD).
But let me get to the 3 of them!:D

I really Like Jack-o's design, he has something of Jack's palyfulness
(especially in the pose, while for once Jack is sitting properly, so I a way
I feel like he's stealing the "youthful-sprite-like-character" to Frost),
at the same time there's something in his expression that is more subdued, reflective
and melancholic perhaps that I find fitting for his charachter (or how I imagine him to be,
not having read the fanfiction you mentioned!XD).

I like the "play of staring" you did here. How he's looking towards Frost but not really at him,
and both Jack and Pitch look at him but with quite different expressions....
Just by looking at this pic there's so much we can conjecture on their realtionships and intents,
As usual, I LOVE how in each of your works we can always find so much tought and innuendos and atmosphere..
there's always more than immediately meets the eye!
I'm perhaps talking a bit too much so er...I...I'll try to shut it now..!:giggle:
Just wanted to tell you I love it! And I can't wait to see more of you works!!
Good luck with college my dear!!:heart:

AllyEdFrown Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013 Dear God, that was amazing. THANK YOU  so much for the rather lenghty comment, it left me speechless. I'll work harder and happier now that you praised me so well! thank you :cry: 
I'm so happy :hug: you've just seen everything I thought about when I was working on this. EVERYTHING. It would be creepy if it weren't so amazing :hug: I just realized I can do so much more, I really needed that.

Thank you, a milion times :hug:
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
who is that Jack and Pitch are with?
AllyEdFrown Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
He is Jack'o Lantern, in his human form. And stuff :D. This piece is an illustration for the fanfic mentioned in the description / sort of an illustration. Thing is, it was a particular scene from said fic that inspired me to draw this.
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
what is the sad fic about?
AllyEdFrown Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
*said* fic.well, the link is in the description if you're interested in slash fics. it's AU and it's about a human Jack who's haunted by an ancient dark spirit. you get the idea
Makosharkman Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
so is Jack o Lantern the bad guy?
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